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Z-Bolt BLAZER Hand Carry LEP Flashlight (Dual Fuel 18650)

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The Z-Bolt BLAZER LEP light is what you are looking for if you need to light up an area at long range. It is an incredible search and rescue tool. It can be used with a variety of diffusers to allow this light to be used for many other functions.

The BLAZER beats current LED tech in heat mitigation, light on target (candela) luminance (the intensity of illumination at the target),  contrast, and superior light throw distances – a  game changer!  

The Z-BOLT® Quantum LEP Laser Lighting Solution is innovative and future facing. The BLAZER employs a blue laser to fluoresce a yellow phosphor, forming a broad spectrum of white light, which is the core of the BLAZER's laser lighting technology. The blue coherent laser focuses on the 50um phosphor crystal coating (PCC) and produces visible fluorescence. The yellow light and the remaining blue light are then absorbed and re-emitted together to form the non-coherent cool white light. BOLT’s special collimation lens gathers the non-coherent white light source and collimates the output beam to less than 3 degrees.



  • Light On Target: 315,000 Candela – 3rd Party / UL Labs
  • Run Time: 130 Minutes, 1 pc Z-Bolt 18650
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes, 2 pc Z-Bolt CR123A
  • We DO NOT Recommend 18350 or 16650 Batteries due to limited run times
  • FDA Laser Safety Class 1: Certified EYE-SAFE
  • LEP Module: Fully Potted to Withstand Shock & Recoil
  • Max Beam Throw: 1,100 meters @ 2.5 ~ 3.0° (ANSI PLATO FL1 – UL Testing Labs)
  • Battery: 1 pc 18650 – 3.7V,  Z-Bolt 3500 mAh Lithium (Long Barrel)
  • Battery: 2 pcs CR123A, Z-Bolt 1500 mAh (Duel Fuel – Long Barrel ONLY)
  • Battery Run Time: 130 min (1 pc 18650)
  • Battery Run Time: 90 min (2 pc CR123A)
  • Body Tube Material:  T6061 Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  • Surface – Anodized: Matte Black
  • Warranty: 2 Years from Date of Purchase
  • Length 163 mm, Width 33 mm
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces / 161 grams
  • Environmental Rating – IP65


BOX Contents:

  • 1 pc THYRM LPC
  • 1 pc Z-BOLT® 18650 Light Body Package
  • 1 pc Z-BOLT® BLAZER LEP-450-BLK Light Head
  • 2 pc Z-BOLT® 18650 Batteries; 1 pc 2x Slot Charger
  • 1 pc Clicky-Style Tail Cap  (Momentary & Constant On)
  • Twist On Beam Diffuser “Hot Spot & Spill”

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Black, FDE


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