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NGI/PVS-14-XLS Gen. 3 Thin-Filmed White Phosphor MNVD (Elbit USA Tube)

Commercial Spec Gen. 3 White Phosphor Monocular Night Vision Device
4.67 (6 reviews)



NGI/PVS-14-XLS Elbit Systems White Phosphor COM-SPEC Gen. 3 AG TF

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Night Goggles NGI/PVS-14-XLS Gen. 3, Auto-gated, Thin-Filmed White Phosphor — the best value Gen. 3 WP system on the market!

The NGI/PVS-14-XLS is based on the U.S. military standard issue AN/PVS-14 Monocular Night Vision Device (MNVD) that has served on the front lines of the Global War on Terror. With their versatility, it’s no wonder that they have attracted the attention of the night-time predator hunters, sportsmen, and enthusiasts. PVS-14’s can be mounted on helmets for hands-free use, behind weapon optics, or simply as a handheld device.  As a monocular, the NGI/PVS-14-XLS night vision gives aid to one of the user’s eyes, leaving the other to retain its natural night-adapted vision.  This is important when changing light conditions in the field because it allows the user to go back and forth between aided and un-aided vision.

These new Night Goggles, Inc. NGI/PVS-14-XLS systems are built in-house by Night Goggles, Inc. at our Redlands, California facility using Elbit Systems of America F9415XLSH Generation 3, Auto-gated, Thin-Filmed White Phosphor image intensifier tubes with factory data sheets, and we are proud to be able to offer them at some of the lowest prices ever for Factory-New, Gen. 3 WP systems!

Elbit Systems of America-Night Vision (ESA-NV), based in Roanoke, Virginia, formerly the Night Vision division of Harris Corporation prior to their merger with L3 Technologies and previously known as ITT/Exelis is one of the premier manufacturers of Generation 3 image intensifiers, and has long been known as an industry leader in visual augmentation systems, including the AN/PSQ-20 ENVG Night Vision/Thermal Fusion system, and was recently awarded the contract for the United States Marine Corps’ Squad BNVG program.

While TNVC’s MIL-SPEC systems still represent the absolute best performance money can buy, these new Night Goggles systems are an excellent option for those who are looking for a lower-cost Gen. 3 White Phosphor NVG, and are sure to be popular with hunters, enthusiasts, and tactical shooters alike! These COM-SPEC systems are the absolute best value for a new WP goggle system without paying for TNVC’s premium MIL-SPEC systems.

The Elbit Systems of America F9415XLSH image intensifier tubes being used in the NGI/PVS-14-XLS systems are considered “MIL-SPEC fallouts,” and therefore “Commercial Spec” or “COM-SPEC” tubes that do not necessarily meet the MIL-SPEC requirements of the ESA-NV YH-series image intensifier tubes, COM-SPEC does not mean that they are “bad tubes” or poor performers. The XLSH and SLH series tubes are still excellent performers that simply failed to meet one or another of the requirements to be considered a “MIL-SPEC” tube. These requirements may range from certain values being outside of MIN/MAX tolerances or cosmetics—however in many cases may be indistinguishable from YH-series tubes based on data sheets, meaning that any flaws or defects that preclude a MIL-SPEC classification could be microscopic and/or largely invisible in normal use.

The very lowest performance figures of these XLSH tubes approximate U.S. OMNI V performance, often considered to be the first of the modern “high performance” night vision, while the highest spec’ed units rival the best modern “super-tubes.” We do not sort them beyond ESA-NV’s specs, and individual tubes can vary in performance from tube to tube, however no hand-select option will be available for these systems.

While the NGI/PVS-14-XLS is built with COM-SPEC image intensifier tubes, the rest of the system is built with 100% MIL-SPEC components, including housings and optics sourced from USGI contractors. By building these units entirely in-house, we are able to tightly control all QA and QC of these devices to ensure that they meet our exacting standards without relying on third-party assemblers, have them drop-shipped, wait on inventory from suppliers that can lead to quality issues, customer support issues, and the substitution of sub-standard parts in assemblies. And since NGI sources these COM-SPEC tubes directly from ESA-NV, and we have chosen to pass on our savings to YOU, our customers, by offering these Night Goggles NGI/PVS-14-XLS systems at some of the lowest prices ever for Gen. 3 WP PVS-14 Night Vision Devices.

Non-MIL-SPEC tubes should mean non-MIL-SPEC prices!

Even for these COM-SPEC units we WILL NOT not compromise by purchasing lower cost, non-standard, non-MIL-SPEC optics and housing components from vendors looking to make a quick buck on products that “look the part,” but are unable to perform the same as MIL-SPEC components–the price savings is entirely in the image intensifiers. This also means that these units can come backed by Night Goggles’ and TNVC’s Lifetime Limited Warranty, covering the housing and system for the lifetime of the unit, and 10 years for the image intensifier tube. These “COM-SPEC” systems are the absolute best value for a new WP goggle system without paying for TNVC’s premium MIL-SPEC systems.



Manufacturer: Night Goggles, Inc.
Dimensions: 4.5″ (L) x 2.0″ (W) x 2.25″ (H)
Weight: 12.4oz.
Finish: Corrosion Resistant- Matte Black
Power: One (1) Standard AA Battery
Battery Life: Approx. 50 Hours at Room Temp.
Waterproof: 60′ for 2 Hours
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

Magnification: 1X +0.03
FOV: 40º + 2º
Objective Lens: F/1.2
Ocular Lens: EFL 26mm
Diopter: +4 to -6
Focus: 10″ to Infinity

Tube Specs*:
Tube: Elbit Systems F9415XLSH (3rd Generation)
Color: P45 White Phosphor
Gate: Auto-Gated
SNR: Min. 21 (NO MAX)
Resolution: Min. 64 lp/mm (NO MAX)
Photocathode Sensitivity (Luminous u A/W): Min. 1350 (NO MAX)
Halo: Max 1.25 (NO MIN)
EBI: Max. 2.5 (NO MIN)

Spot Specs (may have up to–this does not mean all tubes will have this many) – Zone 1: 1 (.003 – .006), Zone 2: 1 (>.009 – .012) / 1 (> .006 – .009) / 2 (.003 – .006), Zone 3: 1 (>.009 – .012) / 2 (> .006 – .009) / 3 (.003 – .006)

Includes Manufacturer's Factory Data Record

*These are the manufacturer’s stated MIN/MAXs for the XLSH-series tubes, actual specs have been significantly better than minimums. These minimum/maximum specs are not indicative of any individual tube’s performance. Due to tube variability we are not able to offer hand select tube options at this time for NGI/PVS-14-XLS systems.

Contents Included: NGI/PVS-14-XLS, PVS-14 Adapter (J-Arm), Rubber Eye Cup, Daylight Filter, Sacrificial Window, Demist Shield, Soft Carry Case, Lens Cleaning Tissue, Military Maintenance Standards, Warranty Registration Card, Data Sheet.

Night Goggles, Inc. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Night Goggles, Inc. warrants this product for the lifetime of the product and guarantees this product to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use, and transferable by the owner assuming that the product otherwise still falls within the scope of this warranty.  In the event that a defect covered by this warranty occurs TNVC, Inc. or Night Goggles, Inc., at its discretion, will either repair or replace the product.  Such action on the part of TNVC, Inc. or Night Goggles, Inc. shall be the full extent of the company’s liability, and the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy. This warranty applies to all TNV and NGI-branded Night Vision Device housing systems, and furthermore warrants that all Image Intensifier Tubes will be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 10 years after the original date of purchase. This warranty does not cover:

  • Products that were used in other than normal and customary manner.
  • Products that were misused.
  • Products that were altered, modified, or repaired by the customer or a party other than TNVC, Inc.
  • Products that were discontinued by the manufacturer and either parts or replacement units are not available due to reasons beyond the control of TNVC, Inc.
  • Damage, defects, or failures resulting from use that would be construed by any reasonable person as normal and expected “wear and tear.”

TNVC, Inc. shall not be responsible for any defects or damage that in the company’s opinion, resulted from the mishandling, abuse, misuse, improper storage, or improper operation, including use in conjunction with equipment which is electrically or mechanically incompatible with or of inferior quality to the product, as well as failure to maintain the environmental conditions specified by the manufacturer.  This includes using rechargeable batteries, storing the product with batteries installed, or battery compartment corrosion due to faulty battery. Warranty claims falling outside of the scope of these written warranty terms may incur repair, labor, and shipping fees charged to the customer.

Customer is hereby notified that operation of the equipment during daylight or under excessive light conditions may permanently damage the image intensifier tube.  While all TNV and NGI systems are auto-gated, they are not able to withstand exposure to constant light including, but not limited to, light sources, weapon sights, laser radiation.  Auto-gated Image Intensifier Tubes are designed to stand up to nighttime battlefield light conditions, but prolonged exposure to any light source will still cause damage.

No other warranties except for this one apply to this product, including, but not limited to written, oral, statutory, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, shall apply to this product.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

6 reviews for NGI/PVS-14-XLS Gen. 3 Thin-Filmed White Phosphor MNVD (Elbit USA Tube)

  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, there’s a 3 to 4 month backlog for this product, so I can’t give it anything other than a “neutral rating.” I’m looking forward to it, and hope they speed up the production/delivery process!

  2. larry bohall (verified owner)

    have not yet received my order so not yet able to complete

  3. jmcgann89

    I just got mine after waiting for two months (like it said when I ordered), and it was like Christmas when FedEx pulled up in front of my house and I tore into the box. I had a gen 2 green pvs14 for years and I am blown away by this gen 3 white phosphor. There is one small blem that I can see but it doesn’t bother me. I am very satisfied with my order. I had to do a little fitting to the bayonet mount to get it to fit into my Rhino 2 mount, but there’s no wobble.

  4. rickymeeks114

    Mine came in and the performance was better than I hoped for.I have a set of SWAT issued PVS-14 G3 (GF) and theses are way to say the least I’m very happy!!

  5. Gregory Mick

    Why give three starts due to wait time, especially during the current atmosphere? This is a high quality product in high demand. I had to wait 4 months and mine finally came the day before Thanksgiving. IT IS WORTH THE WAIT. WORTH EVERY PENNY! I may order a second when they become available again.

  6. dylantunnell

    These NGI XLS PVS14s are the single best value in the entire night vision market. You get the outstanding performance of gen 3 White Phosphor, upper echelon tube selection and warranty service from TNVC’s sister company, and all at a cost that is lower than every legitimate option in the market. Worth the wait but patience is definitely required. Ordered mid July 2020, received early November but the wait can vary. I’ve used it 5 or 6 nights a week since reception for everywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours, night hiking, star gazing and training. I’m going to buy a second one the instant they come back in stock, it’s that good. NGI does “budget” night vision better than anyone.

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